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Serialized Bingo Cards

Print-Bingo.com can put a serial number at the bottom of every bingo card generated, including ones based on your custom word lists! The serial number looks something like this: 01130-r4ioo3jL3tp0oqgt. There are two parts, the first section, e.g. 01130, is a purely sequential number. The second half is a random string that is virtually (but not quite) guaranteed to be unique. Then, we add a master list of all serial numbers generated in that file to the end of the document. We even add a substring of the words in the first row of the bingo card for good measure. This feature for our Premium access users is handy for a few different uses.

  • For teachers: Use just the sequential serial number to keep track of which set of cards is for which game design, assuming you're using print-bingo.com for more than one activity.
  • For event planners: Use the complete serial number to make sure that people aren't visiting print-bingo.com to generate unofficial cards to your games.
  • For everyone: Use the master list to keep track of which cards have been distributed and when they were used.
  • For long-distance players: Managing a distributed game is much easier now.

    We think this is a really neat feature! We thank those who suggested it to us.

    View a sample PDF of our bingo cards (using our Buzzword Bingo word list) here: Serialized Bingo Cards.

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