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Our small but slowly growing collection of useful Internet links for learning about this site, bingo the game, printing bingo cards, or things we think are relevant.

  • The Wikipedia has an excellent article describing the basics of the game, and some neat information about the way Bingo is played around the world. Print-Bingo.com currently produces Canadian / American style Bingo Cards. British style cards are on the to-do list, if you want us to create that ASAP, tell us in our forum!
    Wikipedia Bingo Article
  • An interesting, short article about the history of Bingo.
    History of Bingo
  • If you feel like playing Bingo online, for free, Yahoo's online game collection is a safe site to visit. By the way, Print-Bingo.com does not have any affiliation to any casinos or online gambling sites.
    Yahoo Bingo
  • Discovery offers a great selection of word lists which are great for our custom bingo card generator.
    Discovery word lists