, by Perceptus Solutions Inc., was created because we couldn't find a decent online Bingo card creator.

If you can't find it, build it.

A long time ago, we needed to create hundreds of bingo cards. And they had to look good when printed. Unfortunately, we were disappointed that we could not find a web based bingo card generator that was not mediocre. Fortunately, we have the skills and resources to make free online Bingo cards in a PDF format a reality. So we did. We hope that you find useful in your Bingo card creation endeavours. is owned and operated by Perceptus Solutions Inc. of Vancouver, Canada. A small technology consulting firm that also dabbles in operating web sites. You can have a peek at our other activities by visiting our web page: And keep up to date with us on The Perceptus Back Story blog.

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Some historical notes: This site went live in the middle of 2005 as Perceptus' Free Bingo Card Generator on the web address: When the site proved popular, we moved it to With your continued visits and support, this site will remain online indefinitely to help you and others like you create bingo cards in minutes.

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