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This online bingo card printing site uses Adobe PDF files so that you can print lots of cards at once without hassles.

To make it as easy as possible to print your standard North American bingo cards or customized bingo cards, we only use Adobe Portable Document Format ('PDF') files. This type of file is perfect for printing, because print output is exactly what the PDF format was designed to do.

Using PDF's eliminates those pesky headers and footers that you get when printing regular web pages in your web browser. Also, you will not have to worry about zoom, or font sizes, or margins, or headers, or footers on Perceptus' Free Bingo Card Generator. Since most people have a proper PDF viewer installed already, this site will 'just work' for the vast majority of our visitors.

Hundreds of people create bingo cards on print-bingo.com each and every day, so we're sure that this site generally works. But every computer has a unique combination of settings, programs, program versions, hardware, and Internet connections, and some of these combinations will give some users problems. Here are a few things to try and resolve some site usage issues.

Common Problems:

You can view print-bingo.com from home, but not at work or school
A few users are accessing the Internet through overly-agressive firewalls at work or at school that block access to all website domains that include the word bingo, as in print-bingo.com. For these rare situations, we have an alternate path to this website: http://bcg.perceptus.ca. To use the alternate path to our online bingo card generator, just replace print-bingo.com with bcg.perceptus.ca. Everything is the same, including your Premium access login.

If you receive a message from your web browser about not knowing how to interpret a .pdf file
Please follow this link to download Adobe Acrobat Reader. It is a completely free download (no spyware or viruses either) for modern Windows, Linux, and Apple operating systems. With this software installed, you will be able to view 'PDF' files. PDF files are quite common on the Internet, so it is quite useful to have this installed.

If you see a blank page:
Try to reload the page or use the Manual Bingo Cards link.

Other things to try:

  • You can try closing and opening your web browser. Computers can be quirky, a simple thing like closing and reopening your web browser might do the trick.
  • You can shut down and then turn on your computer. Similar to the point above, these simple things will often solve a print-bingo.com usage issue.
  • If you have another computer nearby, you might want to try using our site on that computer.
  • You can try upgrading to a more recent version of Adobe Acrobat. The developers of this site regularly use and test with Adobe Acrobat Reader 9 in Windows XP with web browsers Firefox and Internet Explorer. To upgrade, follow the link two paragraphs previous to this one.
  • You can try a different web browser. Firefox is free and it's available for all major operating systems such as Windows PC's and Apple.
  • You can try saving the PDF files to your computer (e.g. Desktop or My Documents) and open them from there. To do this, get to the bingo card preview page, the one on which you expect to see your bingo cards. Right click on the Manual Bingo Cards link and save the linked file to your computer. Then find that file and double-click on it. For most users, it will open in Adobe Acrobat Reader.

Other Questions:

A lot of questions from other users have been previously answered in our forum. Please have a look there. If you still can not find a solution, either post in our forum, or contact us. Contact options are on the about print-bingo.com page.