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Randomized Bingo Call Sheets

Print-Bingo.com users who have upgraded to Premium accounts are able to generate randomized bingo call sheets.

These lists contain all the words in the custom bingo card design in a random order. Generate and print as many of these lists as you need. Call each word in the list in order and check them off as you proceed until someone has Bingo.

Note: If your custom design uses the "A word can appear in any column." you will only get the phrase, e.g. "antelope", you will not get a the column prefix, e.g. "B". It is designed this way because if a word can appear in anywhere on your bingo card, then it just doesn't make sense to put a random column name too. Just call the term, and anywhere that it appears on the players card is good.

We have a sample available online: sample randomized bingo calling card.

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