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Bingo Cards for Apple, Linux, and Windows

Print-Bingo.com is purely web based.

Amoung the many benefits of being web based, is that our website works with almost any modern computer and web browser. This includes Microsoft Windows 98, 2000, XP, and Vista, Apple Mac OSX, Linux, and a host of more rare systems.

All you really need is a web browser that can render regular HTML, a PDF reader such as Adobe Acrobat Reader, and a printer - even a printer is optional if you decide to send the PDF files from this site to a third party to print, such as Kinkos or Staples.

We test frequently in current versions of Firefox, Internet Explorer, and Google Chrome web browsers. In our access logs, we see that many users of print-bingo.com use Safari web browser and older versions of IE. The chances are that whatever web browser and computer you are using to view this page right now will work for the bingo cards.

This is really useful if you have different computers at home or work. For example, if you use a Windows XP PC at work, and have an Apple Macintosh at home, and your family member has a Vista laptop, you'll have no problems using our site and software on all of them.

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