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These are the words in our template bingo word list for: Icebreaker-Bingo!

Have a glance at the words below. You can exclude words by unchecking them now - you can further customize your bingo design on the next page. Then click either of the Submit buttons. The words that are checked off will be sent to print-bingo.com's Custom Bingo Card generator for you. Then you'll be able to generate your bingo sheets and print them.

can name 3 marsupials. _________
can say the alphabet backwards.
can touch their toes. __________
can wiggle their nose. _________
cheers for the Maple Leafs. ____
doesn't go to your school. _____
drinks coffee regularly. _______
has a pet. _____________________
has as many siblings as you. ___
has heard of Led Zeppelin. _____
is born in the same month of the
is wearing a watch. ____________
is willing to sing in front of s
is younger than you. ___________
likes McDonalds. _______________
likes mushrooms on pizza. ______
likes yogurt. __________________
owns a Britney Spears CD. ______
owns a Disney movie on VHS tape.
plays a sport. _________________
prefers Pepsi over Coke. _______
was born outside of BC. ________
watched a movie last week. _____
watches soap operas. ___________
watches tennis on TV. __________
watches the Food Network. ______